17 Million Play backs

February 10th, 2012

Our asset has been our fans, for the several years that we have been working to deliver creative Arabic content, we  tried to stay close to the whole Arab world concerns and tackle the issues that  effects and changes our lives as Arabs, away from any censorship nor Agendas we choose the internet to be our platform to we reach out to our audience.

And as the Arab spring erupted  kharabeesh took the people’s side, and raised the bar of freedom of speech. we spoke the mind of the revolution and revolutionists in most our videos. And our only aim was to support and spread the word of those who stood for their rights, and we went beyond the serious presentation of issues and we choose an entertaining sarcastic approach to deliver the message, today we are pleased to announce that we reached 17 million play backs a month on our videos, and that is not only a success yet a  responsibility as well for now we are eager to stay up to our fans expectations and stay their voice of freedom.

For politics is not the only topic that matters in life, kharabeesh’s entertainment is diverse among different topics, social, political, Comedy, and Religious, and not only that, it respects evey cultures difference, so we have shows that speaks every accent hence speaks every Arabic society. 


Part of our shows: