New CEO appointed to Steer Kharabeesh’s Growth

December 30th, 2012

The board of ThinkArabia had appointed Mohammad Asfour who is a Co-founder of Kharabeesh and ThinkArabia as the CEO of Kharabeesh starting September 2012.

Asfour’s key role will be to develop a strong vision and strategy that will provide development and expansion for Kharabeesh over the upcoming years . He will also be responsible for reinforcing Kharabeesh as a media network, whilst strengthening the company’s position in the Arab World.

Asfour was previously Head of the Business Operation department, during this time, Asfour and his team took the company into new markets and helped reaching new audience.

Kharabeesh which was founded in 2008, as an animation services start-up is now standing as the 4th most popular Online media network in the Arab world, with more than 20 M play backs a month, which this new change at kharabeesh aims to aggrandize and guarantee kharabeesh a position among the top by end of 2013.